Friday, 22 January 2016

Student's Speak

The institute has been a magical experience for me.
I feel Ritambhara has created magic in my body.
Today I feel more confident and more positive and I feel I can rock the world.
Belly dancing has been the best thing that has ever happened to me,
I give all the credit for the same to the institute,
because,I learnt the perfect technique, bit by bit, with correct attitude and above all,
I received immense positive energy from Ritambhara Sahni.

Snehal Patil - Engineering Student

I have always been passionate about dance since childhood but the belly dance form
 has always fascinated me.
When i discovered belly dance institute Mumbai there was no looking back.
Today, after a year of fulfilled dancing at belly dance institute Mumbai, i am an instructor. .
Belly dance is not just a sensuous form of dance art but also a form of exercise.
 i believe that through this form of dance art i have gained more confidence and
it makes me feel good about myself.
I would encourage other females to come and join
Belly Dance Institute Mumbai and discover their inner beauty and passion for dance.
-Averille Alvares - student.

I always had a problem with my paunch. It was very difficult for me to lose weight especially
around the waist area.
Ever since belly dancing happened to me at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai i have lost a lot of weight overall.
Not only that but it has also boosted my confidence level double fold and improved
my posture, balance and flexibility.
 I can now fit into all the clothes i have desired to wear due to the now tones body
i have achieved from belly dance institute mumbai

-Sakshi Wadhwani - student

The belly dance course makes the body very flexible.
 Before joining this course I never thought belly dance
 would be so easy.
Ritambhara gives special attention to each individual.
Her patience and she being a perfectionist helps her students to be perfect themselves.
Belly Dance Iinstitute Mumbai ROCKS!

-Shalaka Narwankar - student
The belly dance course as well the individual lessons are brilliantly structured.
 Ritambhara concentrates on technique as well as performance skills resulting in well rounded dancers.
The classes are also a great form of exercise as belly dancing has introduced me to muscles
I dint even know I had! Excellent class! The Popping, Locking , Breaking and Krumping[RSIPA]
class is extremely energetic and enjoyable. Every session reveals something new + different.
This type of moment helps isolate individual muscles and tones the body without the tedium
 of attending a gym.
Brilliant class.

-Isha Dave –student
Ritambhara's classes are full of fun and energy...
Every woman present goes home feeling great about herself especially 

thanks to all the encouragement we get!  Belly dancing is a great workout too;
 and does not get boring or monotonous... 

so we cant wait for the next class. It's a blast and i love it more each week.
-Tushna Commissariat - student

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