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Ritambhara Sahni - Bombay Times -Dance workouts to get you party fit

Belly dance Institute Mumbai
Belly Dance Institute Mumbai By Ritambhara Sahni

Grooving while you burn the calories is a great way to build cardio fitness plus learn new moves to music. The best part? If you have two left feet, you can still do this. Here are the moves to try...

Belly dance

What it's about:

Hips certainly don't lie, and if you want to get into that hot-looking LBD this New Year, get slim hips and a tummy to go with it through belly dancing. Says dance expert Ritambhara Sahni, "Belly dancing provides a workout that improves muscle tone and enhances flexibility. You are isolating and moving very tiny muscle and the variety of these movements can quicken the process of toning the core area. You shape up 10 times faster than the calorie burn and it sculpts the core. The movements: from the hip circle, to figure eight, core undulation (wave movement) and belly roll totally gets rid of the flab and tightens the stomach." Gradually increase speed and repetition of moves as you go forward, for better core-toning results. It also induces relaxation.


What it's about:

The high-energy Latin dance workout can burn more calories than aerobics, pilates and kickboxing! "After a warm-up, you dance to a blend of salsa and hip hop. It works to tone the arm, thighs, calves and abs. It's also great for the respiratory system as it increases the oxygen intake as you dance. Anyone can do this; modifications can be made for those suffering from health issues. It's apt to get you in a party mood too," 


What it's about:

You might have tried spinning a hoop around yourself for fun, but did you know this is also being increasingly looked at as a fitness trend? First Lady Michelle Obama was photographed hooping on the White House lawns, and talk show host Ellen De Generes said it slimmed her down for a movie. "Hooping has several benefits. You burn body fat, it conditions the waist and builds hand and waist coordination plus improves spinal flexibility. Hooping also boosts circulation levels and helps you get toned abs. And while you're working out, enjoy a fun dance," 

Other quickies

Spinning and Pilates balls are also apt ways to revitalize your workout and make it enjoyable. Do them as per your level of difficulty. Pole dancing also works well on abdominal s and teaches muscle control.

Ritambhara sahni belly dance Institute Mumbai
Ritambhara Sahni's Belly Dance Institute Mumbai

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belly dance institute mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni
Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance

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